Reactions to climatarianism

Reactions to climatarianism


Climatarianism: a term known by hardcore environmentalists, who bring their diet back to basics for a lower ecological footprint. But what do other people think about this new movement? How much would you let environmental causes design your personal life?

Gaetana, a middle-aged Italian woman, needs to hear the facts before she tries anything new. She believes it’s very difficult to get transparency from (super)markets and that most labels are confusing.

When I told her our food causes about 29% of all greenhouse gas emissions, she confessed she could definitely change her diet to a lower impact one. Buying meat from the local butcher instead of processed and packaged would be a good start (and she notices the difference from her dog’s farts!)

I also spoke to Koen, a Belgian doctor, who from a medical point of view thinks climatarianism will get rid of cancers and cardiovascular diseases. However, he thinks it will be “hard to realise in a world based on economics, business and money”.

But no hope is lost; he has seen the no-meat movement grow thanks to celebrities like Johnny Depp choosing a vegan diet. Yet he strongly urges to inform people about the science behind it, and blogs like Savouring Seasons should be the ones that do so.

One doubt for Koen is how poor countries will keep a healthy economy if other countries chose locally grown over imported food. Tom, a footballer from England but currently living in Rome, gave a solution.

Tom thinks we should continue to travel and trade, but this should be considered in terms of nutrition, quantity, and effect on the exporting population and environmental factors. Quinoa is an example of something that badly affects the local population (read more about the issue here).

“Italy is wonderful for climatarians”, he says. Even in big supermarket chains, he finds that most fresh fruit and vegetables come from within Italy. Then again, “climatarianism shouldn’t be a thing: it should just be how we naturally eat.”

All three of these people believe there needs to be a drastic change where all supermarkets, farmers, and politicians work together to re-organise our whole food system. If you can grow food yourself, then do. Otherwise, indulge yourself in all the beautiful ingredients your local farmer’s market has to offer.



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