Città della Pizza

Città della Pizza

From the 6th until the 8th of April, the Guido Reni district in Rome opens its doors for the very first “Città della Pizza” [Pizza City]. Some of the best pizzaioli share their favourite recipes – 120 to be exact – either classic Roman-style or the traditional (fried) Neapolitan pizza.  

After miraculously having found a parking spot within 100 metres of the venue, we were surprised at the mass of people queuing up to get inside. Roman families celebrated the start of the weekend having pizza from all over Italy. During the half an hour wait, we scanned the menu, making up our mind about dinner.

Ryan chose for pizza al’asfodelo, which was topped with wild asparagus, daffodil, and mint. I, on the other hand, went for a classic margherita. Instead of the typical buffalo mozzarella, there was an option for “mozzarisella” – a vegan cheese made from sprouted rice. The cheese taste was subtle, yet the melted texture a creamy addition to the standard pizza rossa.

In the picture below, the pizzaiolo lifts the pizza high in the oven, so the crust bubbles and browns. This makes the traditional Neopolitan style puffed up pizza crust: soft, chewy and tasty.

The dessert stall displayed typical Italian flavours with granite, ice cream, cannoli, and chocolate dessert domes. This pistachio dessert just instantly makes my mouth water. 

But Ryan, the pizza addict that he is, decided to have fried pizza for dessert.

Would you like to go?

The Guido Reni district is located in Via Guido Reni 7, zona Flaminia. The entrance is free but make sure to be early because the queues on Friday night were very long. Once you enter, you can buy tokens (not reimbursable) which you can spend at your favourite pizza stands.

Enjoy! Let us know which pizza was your favourite 😉


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