Solo Crudo: Deliciously Raw

Solo Crudo: Deliciously Raw

We have set out a challenge for 2018: review every vegan place in Rome. Last week, we went to Solo Crudo: a raw food restaurant and juice bar. I’ve always been more of a slow-cooked stew person but WOW – did this place surprise me!


To begin our meal, we shared this “Cauli-Maki” sushi plate. The nori sheet was filled with cauliflower rice, raw mushrooms, kimchi, and ponzu sauce. The maki could be dipped in either soy, orange and ginger, or a spicy sauce. We weren’t too keen on the cauliflower but the sauces totally made up for that.

If you’re not a sushi fan, I also really liked the sound of the “Autumnal Sphere” – a sphere of pumpkin with hazelnuts, cashews, chestnut flour, parsnip, and thyme pesto. They offer different soups too, for example, onion soup cooked with wine, tamari, cashews, and black pepper.


The pumpkin ravioli is by far the best raw dish I have ever eaten. Stuffed with fermented cashew cheese, and tiny cubes of cucumber and tomato, this dish burst with flavours. The thyme pesto, beetroot dip, and mango went amazingly well together (and were perfect for the first day of spring).

Ryan had zoodles “Cacio, pepe, e porcini”. The mushroom taste was too overwhelming for me but Ryan buzzed off it. He said it was obviously not cacio e pepe but still loved it as a great creation of its own.


When we saw a cheese platter on the menu, the sweet desserts were immediately skipped. After many disappointing vegan cheese tastings, we still believed we’d find some good ones.

And it did not disappoint. The cheeses were made from fermented cashews, and I think the fermentation process is what makes them so much tastier than the “quick” cheese recipes. They were all flavoured differently: pesto and basil, beetroot, black pepper, and dried fig. The sauces were strawberry, orange and ginger, raspberry, and sweet and sour bell pepper – although the cheeses were enough on their own, the sauces went nicely with the raw crackers.

If I’ve still not persuaded you to go and try their platter, Ryan loved them so much, he had a second one all by himself!

On The Fork, they currently have 50% off deal on the à la carte menu. Whereas we would’ve paid €50 for all this delicious food, we ended up leaving with full tummies, only having spent €25.

You can find Solo Crudo in the Prati district, in Via Federico Cesi 22, Rome.


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