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14 reviews for The Roman Dinner

  1. Yoav

    We had the best time with Francesca and Ryan! The food was delicious and the hosts were very kind and fun. 🙂 Thanks Ryan&Francesca, you’re awesome! (this includes Neige 🙂

  2. Amanda Wright

    A delightful evening with Francesca. The company, food and setting were all wonderful. Francesca kept the conversation flowing and the evening went by too quickly. The whole experience added to an amazing mini holiday in Rome. Totally recommend it!!

  3. Alex Kiles

    My wife and I had an amazing dinner with Francesca (and her adorable little pup) in her charming backyard in Trastevere. The wine and food were delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Francesca and chatting about her time in Italy. The menu included: chickpea flour pita bread, baked arancini balls with potato in place of rice, zucchini boats, and delicious Tiramasu. I highly recommend a visit to Francesca and Ryan’s home for a home-cooked, healthy meal with an Italian flair!

  4. Evelyn

    Apologies. I actually did type a review immediately after but we had terrible internet problems. We had a wonderful evening with Ryan and Francesca. Lovely vegan meal served at leisure by interesting and affable hosts. We have since recommended to all of our classmates and are hoping that the same choice in Florence is as good. I hope all their dreams are realised and I will go visit them again. Many thanks.

  5. Franziska

    We had a wonderful evening with a delicious menu and inspiring talks. Francesca and Ryan were great hosts who also had lots of useful tips according our remaining stay in Rome. We would definitely do this again!❤ All the best! Franzi and Emily

  6. Neta

    Delicious meal, lovely and intresting hosts. Surprising and Original courses, great wine and the cutest dog! If you are looking for a unique eating expirians this is the place.

  7. Laura

    Francesca and Ryan welcomed into their wonderful cozy home and prepared a lovely meal that more than satisfied everyone’s pallet… even some family members who were not familiar with vegan ingredients or meals. Our menu comprised of afternoon tea with Aussie Lamingtons (sponge cake with rhubarb filling, covered in melted chocolate and rolled in coconut flakes), then empanadas, followed by marinated shiitake mushrooms and asparagus, plus a broccoli cake with avocado frosting. I requested a cooking class style meal so we helped to prepare the empanadas and cake. We learned cooking techniques, about ingredients, and had great conversations about a variety of topics and mutual interests. A great and fabulously unique experience in the heart of Rome. Grazie mille.

  8. Candice

    I had a fantastic evening with nice people and great food!! Thank you!

  9. Marie

    It was a really lovely evening filled with delicious food, good conversation, and great company. Francesca is an inventive and wonderful cook. Using high quality whole ingredients she fed us a lovely multi course meal. The location is very convenient and the perfect setting for just such an event. Would highly recommend.

  10. Noortje

    This was my first experience with BonAppetour, but Francesca and Ryan definitely set the bar. I was welcomed very warmly into their cosy home, located in the heart of Trastevere. Although I’m not vegan myself, I do enjoy eating vegetarian (mostly) and vegan (occasionaly). The dishes they prepared were not only bursting with flavour, but also beautifully presented. They even made an extra effort to make every course gluten free, especially for me. It’s hard to choose my favourite dish of the night. I was crazy about the homemade crackers and I thought their own take on farinata, made into a lasagna was a winner. Between all this lovely food, conversation was very easy and touched topics ranging from healthy eating, history, poor service in cake shops, movies, yoga, mummies (yes mummies) etc. Time flew by and I enjoyed every single minute of it. I wish them the very best and I’m sure their passion for healthy food/living will take them far!

  11. Pavlos

    This is a unique experience for all vegan visitors to rome The hosts are informative enthusiastic and hospitable The food is excellentlv sourced seasonal and local The wines carefullv chosen to complete the overall excellent dinner

  12. Lauren

    What a wonderful first experience with BonAppetour! Francesca is a gracious hostess, a magician in the kitchen, and fine company. Since I am from Boston and have been a solo traveller abroad now for several months, she was thoughtful enough to invite one of her friends who also hails from the Boston area to join in the fun. Over a delicious dinner, the three of us had a thought-provoking and wide-ranging conversation about our travels and misadventures, the Briggs-Meyer personality test, Alaska, astrology, and the farm-to-table movement. I didn’t notice time passing! That, to me, is a measure of a successful dinner. Our menu: On the evening I visited, Francesca prepared a crudite sampler with fava, a bubbling hot potatoes au gratin, an innovative variation on vegetable lasagna, and a fresh plum tart. Everything was homemade from fresh ingredients. We rounded out the meal with fizzy ginger tea and a very nice red wine. The location: Francesca’s apartment is cozy, conveniently located, easy to find, and meticulously clean. It was the perfect backdrop 🙂 Overall, I would give Francesca 6 stars if it were possible.

  13. Dominic

    I had the pleasure of dining with Francesca and Ryan last September and it really opened my eyes to vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Like a lot of people I have, out of habit, been a big meat and dairy consumer for most of my life but I have started to examine this in recent months and Francesca and Ryan helped me do this not only by showing me delicious alternatives to animal based foods, but also by sharing the wealth of knowledge and nutritional information they have. They were happy to answer all of my questions in a really helpful and positive way. I now eat significantly less animal products and feel much happier for it. In such a meat and cheese eating culture as Italy it is hard to find good vegan and vegetarian food, so the fact that Francesca and Ryan are sharing their home, their food and their passion with other people is a great thing.

  14. Lauren

    I’m not a vegan but Francesca’s food is always so delicious and it inspires me to make changes in my own eating habits. Francesca and Ryan are very knowledgable about food and nutrition and it’s interesting to learn about these things from them. They have really opened mine and my partners eyes to the huge health benefits from being vegan, and made us realise that we can still get all the things we want in our daily diets from the vegan lifestyle. I can not wait to try more lovely dishes that francesca has to make.

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