Shop climate-friendly with the Food Assembly

Shop climate-friendly with the Food Assembly


The Food Assembly isn’t your conventional supermarket. It’s a fast-rising alternative to the traditional way we shop with over 700 assemblies in Europe.

The process is simple: order local products online, collect your order in a venue nearby and meet the farmers behind your food. This scheme is ideal for climatarians, since ingredients only travel 41 kilometres on average. If I’d buy a mango from India, that distance would be over 6500 kilometres.

When I went to The Food Assembly website, I was glad to find a host 5 minutes away from my house in Trastevere. Organic fruit and vegetables, regional beers, and other seasonal products quickly filled up my online basket. My thoughts wandered off to creating new vegan recipes with all those beautiful ingredients.

You can pick up your order at the local host during a set time every week. I immediately felt part of a community with a shared love for the environment and delicious, fresh food. The producers were there as well, answering every question you have. Also, farmers know from the orders how much to harvest, meaning there’s zero food waste. Think of how much food gets thrown away daily and how many people could be fed with that.

Our food system is slowly starting to change; last April for example, The Food Assembly won “Best British Food Initiative” at the BBC Food and Farming Awards. They just make life a little easier and better: farmers get paid more fairly, we get the most delicious and fresh food there is, and the planet is on its way to a more sustainable future.

“Community is at the heart of The Food Assembly – we connect neighbours to farmers, neighbours to each other, and everyone to their food.”

Find your nearest food assembly and sign up now. The one in Trastevere is at Via Goffredo Mameli 25, where you can pick up your order every Wednesday from 6 until 7.30 PM.



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